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Staffing issues affect SKIMS: 1756 posts vacant, including 115 crucial faculty doctor positions

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Staffing Shortages have become a pressing concern for the Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) in Kashmir. The institution currently has a staggering 1756 vacant positions, with 115 of them being critical faculty doctor positions. This shortage is adversely impacting SKIMS’ ability to handle its workload and deliver essential healthcare services to the community.


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The Critical Shortfall:

According to the response received through a Right to Information (RTI) request, SKIMS management disclosed that out of the 405 authorized faculty positions, 115 crucial positions remain unfilled. These positions include assistant professors, associate professors, and additional professors, making up over 40% of the total number of faculty doctor positions. With these positions vacant, SKIMS faces significant challenges in providing proper education and mentorship to medical students, as well as delivering high-quality patient care.


Limited Faculty Members:

While SKIMS has authorized 290 faculty positions, only 175 are currently filled. This means that the institution is operating with approximately 60% of its required faculty members, putting a strain on the existing faculty staff and impacting the overall quality of education and patient care. This shortage not only affects the current staff but also limits the institution’s ability to train and mentor future doctors, exacerbating the long-term impact of the staffing crisis.


Huge Vacancy Gap:

The RTI response also unveils the startling fact that out of the 1756 authorized posts at SKIMS, a staggering 1021 remain vacant. This accounts for over 55% of the total number of positions. Such a significant vacancy gap suggests a deep-rooted problem within the institution’s recruitment and retention practices. This situation not only hampers the day-to-day operations at SKIMS but also raises concerns about the level of healthcare services that can be provided to the community.


Impact on Healthcare Services:

The lack of staff at SKIMS has far-reaching implications for the healthcare services offered by the institution. With critical faculty doctor positions remaining vacant, there is a significant gap in the expertise required to handle complex medical cases and provide specialized treatments. This leaves patients in Kashmir and the surrounding areas with limited access to the highest quality of care, potentially jeopardizing their health outcomes.

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