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Big News: Register Your Sim Card before THIS date Otherwise your Sim will be deactivated

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The National Telecommunications (NTC) on Monday, Dec. 12, published the IRR of the SIM Registration Act on their website. The IRR is expected to take effect on December 27, 2022.

In consultation with the telco industry, the commission has conducted public hearings on the SIM registration act to devise the procedure and guidelines that all public telecommunications entities (PTEs) must follow in creating their respective registration platforms.

The passage of the SIM Registration Act is a significant step forward in fighting fraudsters who have been taking advantage of SIM use anonymity in their illicit activities.

SIM-card-registration-Local telcos welcomed the release of the IRR for standard enforcement of the law.

For its part, Globe Telecom Inc. sees massive deployment for its 87.9 Million SIM users.

In compliance with the law, Globe will launch its online SIM registration platform and start selling new SIMs in deactivated mode starting December 27.

All new SIMs must be registered immediately to enjoy Globe services while existing SIMs should be registered within 180 days or six months from the effectivity of the law.

“Globe is proud to be part of the technical working group that crafted the IRR, which we hope will pave the way for an orderly and timely SIM registration for all SIM users,” says Globe Group President and CEO Ernest Cu.

“We will continue our close collaboration with the government to ensure full implementation of the SIM Registration Act to achieve our shared goal of stopping cybercrime, including SIM-aided fraud,”

“Our goal is to have a SIM registration process that is seamless, secure, inclusive, and convenient for our customers,” he explained.

For existing customers who are currently not using smartphones and may not be digitally savvy, Globe shall put in place a special assistance process for these customers so they can go through the registration as well.

This measure complements Globe’s long-standing fraud protection efforts, including investments in filtering systems, proactive blocking of scam and spam SMS, and data-sharing partnerships with banks and other financial institutions.

Globe will release more information about its SIM registration platform and procedure on its official channels in the next coming days.

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